Can You Crack Who Cracked The Egg?


The puzzle to be solved:

An egg found cracked – accidental or attacked –

Beasts abound, but which



The dinosaur? Or the Doctor’s beak?

Half the others

Are dragons (and the baby has a jealous streak)


‘Orrible works in a kitchen,

Bogey omelettes a signature dish, whilst

Vile Albert and Moriarty are

Slimy, unscrupulous fish


*    *     *


So which bad egg has been up to no good?

Has the wrong idea of fun?

Surely not the Wild Eye of the Wood?

(Though he does look a bit like one)





Which of the monsters do you think has been up to shenan-egg-ans? Can you crack the code to reveal the culprit? Click on the images to find out their names!

Let us know either through Facebook / Twitter or by leaving your name and answer below, and you could win a free copy of a Cornelius Clifford ebook!


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