Meet The Creatures (Part 2)

Professor Moriarty
Professor Moriarty: Gobblefish. Sounds like he’s gargling catarrh. He may well be. Sounds even worse when he speaks.
Lord Marmaduke
Lord Marmaduke: Grand. Informed. Erudite. Monstrous TV Anchordragon.
Daffyd Longnose
Daffyd Longnose: Self-conscious, but reputable ancestry so refuses to change his name. Uses hat for balance and to try and draw attention away from his nose. Welsh.
Albert Fishbeard
Albert Fishbeard: Ocean-dweller. Beard-lover. Refuses to have feet. Has never tripped over.
Auntie Gertrude
Auntie Gertrude: Actually a wyrm but finds it easier to go by ‘dragon’. Simply had enough of having to spell out her genus.
Five Eyes
Five Eyes: Son of Four Eyes. Granddaughter of Three Eyes. Hears everything.


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