Snoofs in the Witch’s Kitchen


A pair of small furry creatures – known as Snoofs – flee their ancient faerie babysitter. They make their escape to make mischief in the remarkable, magical tree house kitchen belonging to a Witch – whilst she is out, of course!

The Snoofs zoom and zip about as their poor, old doddery babysitter tries to catch them. Even Captain Thunderpants, the retired sky ship captain can’t sort things out.

Then the Snoofs hear the Witch’s returning footsteps clip-clopping on the tree house stairs…

This children’s picture book features stunning original photographs and is perfect for reading as a bed-time story, as well as for early readers to read themselves.

Crammed with cute and quirky creatures, this light-hearted fantasy storybook is truly unique. This gentle tale and its lush imagery are surely bound to delight.

This is the first book of Cornelius Clifford’s ‘Underhedge Folk’ series to be released.


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